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Web Catalyzer

From design files to fully functional website in a day

Web Catalyzer is a static website generator. Your designers can take their HTML/CSS design to give you a fully functional website with blogs, form builders. Web Catalyzer then converts your website compatible with voice-enabled devices. Imagine your customer asking Google, Alexa or Siri to talk to your website without any work from your end.

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Digitize & Increase Collaboration

From the beginning, we recognized that there is a disconnect between citizens and the government when it comes to utilizing modern technology for engagement. Our robust content management system connects internal staff to support complex workflows, tackle citizen requests, and utilize modern UI best practices to enhance engagement. We've spent countless hours perfecting our web catalyzer to tackle this obstacle.

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Broadcast Your Message
Not For Profit

When working for the greater good of communities, financial restrictions often creates barriers for non-governmental organizations from reaching mass audience and delivering their message across. We offer special pricing structure catered to NGOs to contribute on our behalf.

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Launch Your Streaming Service With a Premium Template
Video Streaming

Is video streaming your main focal point? Look no further, we have pre-built templates specialized for video streaming options that can be customized to your preference. Our CMS system gives you the ultimate power to organize, and monetize your content in no time.

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Represent Your Brand With a Unique Design

Pre-built templates are great for starters but you are not 1 in 100, you are 1 in 7 billion and counting. Get a custom template that represents who you are and your business. You can work with our army of UI developers to build custom modules. These custom modules are built with care to show case your brand and allowing you to express yourself.

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