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App Catalyzer.

We make smart TV apps for video streaming companies affordable. Our home-brewed sdk APP CATALYZER allows us to develop once and deploy it to multiple devices. Don't worry, we don't port apps. It converts it to their native code base.

Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV
Android TV

Our Solution.

Don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars into building apps. Focus your energy and capital on your content and customers. Forget all about the technical piece of it. That's why we are here for. We provide the best selection of our templates on an affordable monthly subscription. If you want a completely new look and feel, let us design something unique for you.

Monthly Subscription.

Our monthly subscription makes it affordable for video streaming companies to increase their user base by expanding their device portfolios.

Extensive Features.

We have a full feature list required for a video streaming company. We are constantly adding more bells and whistles all the time.

Fast Deployment.

Our solution is already integrated with the leading video management system providers. This means we could deploy your apps immediately.

Cost Effective.

Choose only the features you really need now and stay within your budget. When you are ready to add more bells and whistles, choose from our extensive arsenal.

Free Upgrades.

Manufacturers are releasing new models on a constant basis. Our developers are at it before you even knew about it. Your app will be available on the new devices in no time.


Our award-winning in-house support staff is available all day, every day to ensure your apps are running perfectly.


Start your channel on a monthly subscription with features you need. As you grow, add more devices and features to keep up with your users demand. Here are some of our key features.

Video On-Demand.

Give instant access to all the latest videos on your channels to your audience on a large screen.

Live Stream.

With our live stream support, you can now broadcast your event for viewers via smart TVs.

Adaptive Streaming.

We monitor the internet connection for speed to ensure uninterrupted streaming.


Monthly or yearly subscription based authentication will be integrated to your CRM for seamless authentication.

Pay Per View.

Your users can purchase or rent videos directly from their TVs on one-click.

Ads support.

You could play pre-roll video ads or even place display banner ads on other pages.

Personalized Experience.

Each of your users will have their personalized experience based on their previous history.

Playlist Support.

You can serve playlists to your users. They have the utmost flexibility in navigating playlists.

Closed Caption.

Your users can disable or enable closed captioning based on their preference.


Search capability is built-in natively in our apps. This gives the fastest experience for your user.

Data Analytics.

Our apps report back to CRM allowing you to make intelligent decisions based on automated user feedback.


We built our solution with scalability in mind. You can grow your user base to millions or even billions.


Here's a small sample of our smart TV app templates from our large collection.

Template 1
Template 3

Get in touch with us.

If you are ready to launch your own apps on smart TVs, send us a message. We will get back to you ASAP to get you going.

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